I have worn a number of hats over the last ten years of my legal career. Throughout my experiences, I have gained and mastered the ability to analyze complex situations and work efficiently and effectively to resolve problems. Having directly interfaced with thousands of clients from every walk of life, with a complicated array of issues, I have diligently and aggressively worked to find the resolution they needed to defend their interests or make them whole if the client had been harmed.

My greatest volume of client work has come from running a legal aid program at the Daley Center through the Kent College of Law that assisted people being sued or evicted in municipal court. We had over 5,000 clients per year, working primarily on housing and consumer-debt issues. My work consisted of significant motion practice, pre-trial preparation of pro-se clients, and in-court representation of clients, including trial.

Later, as General Counsel for a not-for-profit arts organization, Bridge, I managed legal and human resources matters, handling all contracts, disputes, and employment issues. We hosted high profile art exhibitions both domestically and internationally. We utilized contractors and rented facilities in a half dozen countries and established contracts for each show, which required knowledge of many aspects of the law.

Since the demise of Bridge during the economic crisis of 2009, I have done extensive work as a contract attorney doing trial preparation for complex litigation, and have reviewed thousands of sensitive internal documents and contracts from the nation’s foremost corporations. In addition to my litigation preparation work, I become a licensed Realtor in 2011. I have worked with clients buying and selling homes and commercial properties, including rental properties. I also handle real estate contracts and closings for other Realtors in my brokerage.

Lastly, I have extensive experience with social media. I am the cofounder and volunteer co-producer of one of the nation’s top blogs and podcasts on the arts, Bad at Sports. Our weekly podcast reaches 5,000 listeners a week, and our blog has 50,000 unique hits per month. Through Bad at Sports, I have an experienced understanding of new media and marketing. I am a very creative person, with fresh ideas to bring to the table.

In summary, as a father to two little boys, and as an attorney and Realtor, I have a wealth of real-world experience to draw from. I am committed to aiding clients and resolving their unique problems and legal concerns. I am an excellent communicator and problem solver, and I am a responsible, dedicated, and loyal colleague and advocate.

If you have a legal issue you wish to discuss or if you would like additional information, please contact me at (773) 972-3204, or rh@attorneyrichardholland.com.